Due to the fact that the theoretical displacement and pressure fluctuation amplitude of the drilling fluid five cylinder pump are much smaller than those of the three cylinder pump, and it can be equipped without an air case, which brings a series of benefits to drilling process design and mechanical structure design, it has been widely used in shale oil exploration. However, due to the different composition and structure of the five cylinder pump compared to the three cylinder pump, the conventional installation method cannot meet the needs of pump stroke measurement.

In order to solve this problem as soon as possible, we have fully combined the advantages and disadvantages of the previous installation methods of pump stroke sensors at the pump head pull rod and belt pulley, and innovatively designed this new type of “drilling five cylinder pump pump stroke sensor installation platform” based on the “wing span flow sensor installation platform” previously made to meet the outlet flow detection of the Niuye 1 well group. The installation platform adopts the principles of “extraction” and “merging” in structural design, with flexible component configuration, easy operation, safety and efficiency, and strong applicability.

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