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Oilfield Geological Engineering Integrated Expert Studio Logging Data Guarantee and Real time Logging Display

Real time logging data transmission

Recently, the Sinopec Deepening Upstream Integration Development and Accelerating the Efficient Development of Difficult to Use Reserves Conference has successfully concluded in Shengli Oilfield. According to the requirements of the conference presentation, the company is mainly responsible for ensuring the logging data and real-time logging display of the oilfield geological engineering integrated expert studio. The […]


Due to the fact that the theoretical displacement and pressure fluctuation amplitude of the drilling fluid five cylinder pump are much smaller than those of the three cylinder pump, and it can be equipped without an air case, which brings a series of benefits to drilling process design and mechanical structure design, it has been […]

Mud Logging Unit Mannufacturer in China

The production of comprehensive mud logging equipment in China was later than that of European and American countries. In the eighties of the 20th century, comprehensive mud logging equipment in China mainly used comprehensive mud logging equipment imported from oil service companies such as the United States and Canada. The advancement of development forces and […]