3D Quantitative Fluorescence (YST-3DIII)

  • Light source: 150W xenon lamp;
  • The spectral bandwidth is 10nm; The emission wavelength is 10 nm;
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 2nm;
  • Wavelength repeatability: < 1nm;
  • Sensitivity: 1-20;
  • Power supply: 220 V ± 22V 、50Hz+1 Hz; Rated power 300W;
  • Main engine volume: length 600mm, width 580mm, height 260mm; Weight: 50kg;
  • Wavelength range: excitation (Ex) 200nm-800nm; Fluorescence (EM) 200nm-800nm;
  • Signal to noise ratio: (s / N) the S / N ratio of the Raman peak of distilled water is greater than or equal to 100 when the excitation and fluorescence bandwidth is 10 nm;