Needing Geological Engineer


Company: Sichuan Huashuntong Energy Co.,ltd;

Recruitment post: Geological guidance Engineer;

Number of employees: 8-10;

Working location: drilling sites in Sichuan and Chongqing(China);

Remuneration and benefits

1. Salary composition: post salary + commission + subsidy + year-end bonus
2. During the internship, there is only post salary + subsidy, post salary + commission + subsidy + year-end bonus + five insurances and one fund
3. The monthly income standard for those who can’t work independently is 3000-5000, and the monthly income standard for those who can work independently is 5000-10000RMB;

Recruitment requirements

1. Major in resource exploration, exploration technology, petroleum engineering, etc;
2. Have strong communication ability and on-site response ability;
3. solid professional knowledge and strong learning ability;

Professional requirements

1. Be responsible for the data analysis of geological guided drilling services, be able to work independently, accurately and effectively conduct real-time guidance and prediction of horizontal well drilling, and provide valuable guidance suggestions and technical support for customers;
2. Have a solid theoretical foundation related to geology, have a certain sense of innovation and innovation ability, and be able to put forward personal opinions on Relevant Issues in reservoir and geological related projects;
3. Have professional knowledge and written ability, and can independently undertake the preparation of guidance report;
4. Be able to make achievement maps such as stratigraphic correlation, seismic correlation, plane correlation and guidance model based on real-time data;
5. Proficient in computer operation, and those who have used geological analysis and geological guidance software are preferred.

HR; Phone:+8618428349669


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