Beijing Jiacheng Hengye Technology Co., Ltd. Needing Geological Person

mud logging job

Beijing Jiacheng Hengye Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that provides professional technical products and consulting services for oil and gas exploration, development and production. Its business scope covers software product sales, seismic data processing, interpretation, inversion, reservoir description, and reservoir Numerical simulation and many other oilfield service fields. The company attaches great importance to the development of technical project cooperation with oil fields, and is committed to providing integrated solutions in various fields such as exploration, development, and reservoir engineering research. It has successfully completed fine structure interpretation and reservoirs in oil fields such as Daqing, Jidong, Jilin, and Xinjiang. A variety of comprehensive research projects, such as prediction, fine reservoir description, reservoir development plans, and development adjustment plan design and optimization, have been generally recognized by oilfield companies.



Reservoir Engineer  1 person 


Have experience chemical driving state analysis, can go long term working travel.

Geological engineer 1 peroson


Familiar with the basic principles and research methods of development geology, sedimentology, reservoir geology, reservoir engineering and other related majors;

Proficiency in using seismic and geological professional software;

Familiar with the technical process and working methods of fine stratum comparison, logging interpretation, sedimentary microfacies, and geological modeling;


Contact Phone number: +86 010-84986535

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